Who is Crockd?

We are a creative mindfulness brand.
We're on a mission to get the world out of its head and into its hands!

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How the crockd did this come about?

We created Crockd as a way to extend a supportive hand to our fellow millennials who felt that their relationship with technology was not making them happy.

We found ourselves searching for a way to temporarily suspend the pressures of everyday. We wanted to immerse ourselves in something messy, imperfect and creative

Pottery allows people to disconnect from devices and connect with some thing real, something tangible. Pottery and art at large is so important for our identities and sense of connection to the world, and yet it feels inaccessible for those looking to casually engage with it.

"You're either an artist, or your not." ...at least, this was what we were made to believe.

Pottery at home was a foreign concept. Pottery was something that you learn under the supervision of a trained ceramicist through a series of structured workshops.

To create great and functional pieces it takes precise technical ability. But we weren't looking to become ceramicists.

We just wanted to experience the process, to get our hands dirty and our minds clear.

Art and creativity is part of the human experience. We all deserve to experience the benefits regardless of the result.

The mission of Crockd is to move beyond the labels and judgements that exclude us from getting creative. While you're getting dirty, we want to help craft conversations about stuff that matters

Ultimately, we want you to have FUN. You might suck, but you might not! You might end up discovering a hidden talent or a curiosity to learn more about ceramics from one of the many talented studios that support the Crockd mission.

Just remember that the result really doesn't matter. It's just about having dirty hands and clear minds.

Meet the crockers

Crockd was founded in 2019 by Millennial couple Rosa-Clare and Andrew Ford.

What started as a personal quest to connect through creativity has now evolved into a global mission.

Now, this party of two has grown into a team of equally passionate (and more clever!) Crockers from all around the world.

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