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Air Dry pottery kits

Enjoy getting deep n’ dirty with these DIY pottery kits.
No kiln required!

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What’s included

So you wanna see inside our box eh?
These kits are 100% beginner friendly.
+ Step-by-step Instructions
+ Conversation Cards
+ Sculpting Tools
+ Video Tutorials
+ Loads of Clay

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Enough for 1-2 people

Our clay is as smooth as they come. Making even the ugliest creations look pretty damn glam.

Conversation cards

This is truly what we’re all about. Inside every kit is a set of conversation cards that will take your relationships to a whole new level... seriously.


No experience required. We’ll break down the basics of hand-building pottery so you come out of this experience feeling like a pro.

Sculpting Tools

You’ll use these little wooden tools forever! But you’ll mostly use your hands. Each kit comes with a shared set of carving tools to help you perfect your piece!

Craft the conversation

There's more than meets the eye with this DIY Pottery Kit

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Craft the conversation

Pottery With Purpose

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