Product - Eco-Conscious Design

So why can't Crockd declareΒ Single-Use Plastic Free? Great question...

Here's the thing: there's a good reason why clay is always wrapped in plastic. Once it's dug up, keeping it usable is a challenge especially if you're not using it right away. Our clay bricksΒ used to be plastic-free,Β but, this actually ended up contributing to more waste as the clay would expire faster...Β 

So now, our eco-conscious approach is to wrap the clay inΒ aΒ single protective plastic sheet within a resealable pouch soΒ that your clay can last a very loooooooooong time.

Until the eco-gods produce a bio-degradable long lasting plastic, we'll continue to do our bit by shipping all our kits carbon neutral. ✌️