Groupie T&Cs

We love working with our groupies and want to make sure you're looked after!

We've put together the following Statement of Work (our Groupie T&Cs) to set expectations and help us work together to get your kits to everyone safely and on-time. 


This Statement of Work (“SOW”) is effective as of the SOW Start Date below (“SOW Start Date”) between your company (“Client”) and Crockd Pty Ltd (“Service Provider”).


SOW Start Date: 
Your order purchase date (e.g. if you purchase on the 21st April 2022 it is 21/04/2022)

SOW End Date:
The term of this agreement will end once the Service Description is completed.


Services Description:

Service Provider will event manage the process with the Client to complete the order for paid participants. This may include;

  1. One or more Crockd Kit(s) delivered to each paid participant’s home or chosen address
  2. One Tracking link file for all participants and carrier communication for any delayed, lost parcels.
  3. One or more optional pre-event consultation by the Crockd Workshop Host before the event to provide an overview of the virtual workshop.
  4. One or more 60-90 minute instructor led, virtual workshop at the chosen date/time available.


Client Responsibilities:

The Client is responsible for the following: 

  1. Provide the correct recipient addresses for all paid participants to the Service Provider, completed in the stated time from the Service Provider to ensure all participants receive their kit before the event.
  2. Purchase any additional kits which may include; extra participants, replacement for incorrect addresses or un-retrieved and failed attempted deliveries, as well as new participants for the Virtual Workshop.



In the case there are less participants available to attend the event prior to the Service Provider importing recipient addresses, the Client may choose to send unused Crockd Kits to attending participants or obtain a refund of unused kits, limited to 10% of the total order amount.