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Live Virtual Lesson [Group Facilitation]
Live Virtual Lesson [Group Facilitation]
Live Virtual Lesson [Group Facilitation]

Live Virtual Lesson [Group Facilitation]

We'll host your virtual group event event for a small fee!
    During this virtual class. Crockd will walk you through how to make a vase or a mug by combining different hand-building techniques.
    What type of clay?

    Crockd clay has four main criteria;

    • It must be easy az to use
    • Super high quality
    • Virtually impossible to become something ugly.
    • Option to be left to air dry

    And of course, speckley!

    Our clay is mid fire with a natural iron fleck. Once glazed and fired the natural speckles will come through. Firing temps are: Bisque: 1,000 °C / 1,832 °F Glaze: 1,100 °C / 2,012 - 2,228 °F

    What tools do I get?

    We reckon you're probably going to end up using your hands for most of this exercise. It's way more fun to get your hands dirty, but if you're a perfectionist that has absolutely no time for lumps and bumps, then you'll probs use a few of the tools.

    You’ll get a shared set of carving tools that help you get into the nook & crannies.

    It's so satisfying to slice and dice our delicious clay that you'll probably lose all self control and sabotage your masterpiece.... but yolo.

    What can I make?

    Crockd kits come with hand illustrated instructions that take you through the process of hand building clay step by step. We promise, it's so easy to learn this stuff! We’ll teach you how to make mugs, pots & vases.

    Do I have to fire it at a kiln?

    Firing your clay is a thing, and you'll have to do it in a big bad ass oven if you want your creations to be functional - for example, to drink & eat from them, or use them as a pot planter.

    We know what you're thinking, and the answer is no.

    You can not fire your clay in your home oven. Unless you have an oven that gets to up to 2,000+ degrees, you'll have to take it to a kiln.

    We are slowly but surely building a list of kilns on our website.

    If you don’t mind about your pieces becoming food safe & waterproof then you can leave your clay to air dry.