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Dirty hands, clear mind

Ever tried meditating, only to find your mind wanders or your body won’t sit still? Yeah, us too. That’s the beauty of creating something with your hands β€” it keeps them busy, while allowing your mind to naturally enter a more reflective state....

Find your flow without thinking about it

Experience the benefits of creative mindfulness on your own or grab a buddy to get dirty with. All Crockd kits are designed to be enjoyed solo, with a mate or even with your team.

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Get Dirty... your mental health depends on it

There is more than meets the eye to Crockd. Sure, we want you to get messy but mostly we just want to show you that there are other ways to achieve mindfulness beyond meditation apps.

Being in a 'flow state' doesn't have to be torturous. You don't have to sit still and actively work to quiet your mind.

You can meditate while cooking, cleaning, gardening and of course creating...

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It's not about the art, it's about getting arty

Crockd Paint Pens - CrockdCrockd Paint Pens - Crockd

Crockd Pottery Kit - CrockdPottery Kit - Crockd

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