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Exploring Clay (Open Studio)

Exploring Clay (Open Studio)

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2hr Bottomless Pottery (See More)

No need to bring a thing!

Your workshop price includes:

  • All the supplies you need
  • A fresh Crockd Cotton Apron
  • A bottomless Drinks Package
  • Non-Alc drinks options with every package
  • A surround sound music system
  • The best Crockd hosts, trained to make sure the vibes are strong and the room is pumping

Free Cancellation / Changes*

Reschedule or cancel 24 hours before your session starts and you'll incur no fee..yay!

Choose Your Time & Date Below 👇

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Wanna play with all kinds of clays using all kinds of methods?

This open studio class is for you. You'll have the complete flexibility to bring to life any creations you have in mind. You'll be supported by our clever and talented teaches, with an unlimited access to clay, materials and equipment.

Join forces with our multi-talented teachers for an awe-inspiring weekly adventure that will immerse you in the enchanting world of clay. This workshop is a gateway to discovering the intricate techniques and skills of both hand-building and wheel throwing.

With an array of vibrant glazes and underglazes at your disposal, you'll have the opportunity to breathe life into your creations, infusing them with rich colours and captivating textures. The end result? Beautiful pieces that you can proudly display at home or share with your loved ones.

Includes glazing & firing of all the pieces you make :)


All Inclusive - 2 Hour Workshop

No need to bring a thing!

Your workshop price includes:

  • All the supplies you need
  • A fresh Crockd Cotton Apron
  • A bottomless Drinks Package
  • Non-Alc drinks options with every package
  • A surround sound music system
  • The best Crockd hosts, trained to make sure the vibes are strong and the room is pumping

Non-Alc Options Available

Each one of our workshops comes with a range of non-alc cocktails for those of you not drinking.

We've partnered with 'Naked Life' who do the best low sugar, non-alc cocktail mixes out there. We'll even serve it just like a normal cocktail so you don't miss a thing!

Free Firing & DIY Glazing

Once your work has been left to dry for 2 weeks, we pop it in our kiln for its first fire! 🔥

This is called a bisque fire, and happens at 1000 degrees. This process takes 24 hours!

Once your work has cooled back down we'll contact you to come into the studio and glaze it. 💃

You will have access to all our beautiful colours to help bring it to life! All included in your ticket price.

Then, we will pop your work back into our kiln to 'set' the glaze and make it waterproof and foodsafe.

Good things take time eh!

Psst, this is all optional! You're also welcome to take your work home and air dry it if you prefer.

Getting Here - Neutral Bay, Sydney

Crockd Studios is located at:

Shop 5, 81-91 Military Road, Neutral Bay, NSW, Sydney.

We're the corner shop that's directly opposite The Oaks (kick ons anybody? 😉)

Street parking is available (the best option is Ben Boyd Rd), but, we're superrrr close to major bus stops, so getting here via public transport is easy peasy.

18+ Only (except for Sundays!)

Soz kiddies, this is an immersive art studio designed for the adults on Monday-Friday nights.

All ages are welcome to our Sunday workshops though!


👉 Is it beginner friendly
Totally! We’re here to get out of our heads and into our hands. We’ll help you turn that big ol’ lump of muddy clay into a spectacular masterpiece you’ll be proud to call your own.

👉I'm a bit picky with drinks, can I bring my own?
Certainly! We're BYO licensed so feel free to bring your own, you're not limited to drinking what we have on offer.

👉I don’t drink, do you have non-alcoholic beverages?
Of course! We cater for everyone and have a range of non-alcholic cocktails/mixers available. You’re always welcome to bring your own incase you need a quick shot of redbull after a work day.

👉What do I wear?
Something you’re comfortable in and ideally you wouldn’t care if it got a bit of mud on it. We have fresh apron to keep everything relatively clean!

👉What’s the vibe like?
The best gosh darn pottery studio in Sydney that you’ll experience. Our 200+ 5-star reviews on Google, will back that up!

👉When do we pickup fired pieces?
Your pottery class host will explain all the deets at the end of the class, roughly its 6-8 weeks for glazing/firing.

👉Do you really mean bottomless drinks?
Yeh, we do! Just remember responsible drinking friends.

👉Can my 16-17y/o join?
Soz kiddies, come back when you're 18+. This is a creative space for adults to enjoy.

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get out of your head, and into your hands

We believe that creativity is an underrated mindfulness practice, not an innate quality or an end result — which is why our experiences are designed to help you disconnect, reconnect and get dirty.

hands on & mess free

Our unique hand building pottery classes guide you to create your very own masterpiece, whether it's a slab vase, booty mugs, a decorative figure sculpture, or anything you can imagine really.

Crockd Studios hand-building pottery workshops are designed to be hands-on, but mess free. So - come dressed in your best and take advantage of an insta-worthy experience.

Patience, purpose and a sense of humour

Not a workshop goes by where our fabulous instructors aren't invited to a post-pottery dinner or drinks...

Our expert ceramic instructors are ready to top up your glasses and teach you a variety of techniques to shape and texture your clay, such as pinching, coiling, slab-building, and carving.

Clay & Sip your worries away

With a glass in one hand and a ball of clay in the other, you’ll enter a state of maxo-relaxo.

Our laid-back and social atmosphere gives you space to chat, laugh, and enjoy the night away while exploring your creativity.

Whether you’re by yourself or bringing some mates, our classes are perfect for everyone looking to unwind and have a good time. 

⭐️ 1,000+ 5 Star Google Reviews ⭐️

In just 12 months, we've racked up over 1,000+ 5 star google reviews. Crazy, right?

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