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  • Paint Set, Sealant & Brushes - Crockd
  • Crockd Paint Kit - Crockd
  • Crockd Paint Kit - Crockd
  • Crockd - Paint Set, Sealant & Brushes - Crockd
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Paint Set, Sealant & Brushes

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Level up your craft game with our Acrylic Paint Set - Basic Edition. 

Designed to be multi-purpose and long-lasting, you'll be using these paints on alllllllll your Crockd goods. 

From pottery, to planters, to wood, and to glass. Everything you can see and touch can achieve a glow-up with our Acrylic Paint Set.

What's included?

This set comes with:

✔️ 6 x Premium acrylic paints

✔️ 2 x White acrylic paints

✔️ 1 x Black acrylic paint

✔️ 1 x custom clear sealant

✔️ 3 x premium artist quality flat edge brushes (Small, medium & large)


Do I still need to take my pottery to a kiln?

Nope! This enables you to experience pottery completely from home, no kiln required. Paint, decorate, and seal your creations all in one sitting.

Will this make my pottery waterproof? 

No, it won't. It will be water 'resistant' but not waterproof or food safe. If you wish to make something that needs to hold water, we recommend getting your piece fired at a local kiln. Any item with acrylic paint can not go into a kiln. 

Can I use these on other mediums? 

Indeedily doodily you can! These are epic on pottery, planters, mirrors, furniture, literally anything.

Thick, smooth & fast drying

You don't suck at painting - your paints suck at painting. The Crockd acrylic set comes with 10 of the smoothest and creamiest paints in the world. But it doesn't stop there... we've complemented these paints with three sizes of flat nylon brushes. You'll be painting absolutely errythang.

Paint and seal anything

We’ve carefully designed 10 beautiful paints that enable you mix an infinite amount of colours.

Crockd acrylic paints are thick, highly pigmented and long lasting. The best part is that they can be used on literally anything. Mirrors, pottery, furniture, planters, walls - anything.

we're on a mission to get the world out of its head and into its hands

We believe that creativity is an underrated mindfulness practice, not an innate quality or an end result — which is why our craft kits are designed to help you disconnect, reconnect and get dirty.

  • Eco Friendly

  • Aussie Made

  • Fast Shipping

  • Re-Usable Packaging

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